Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

The anticipated yearly trip to Bear Lake has come and gone. My boys had a ball, as usual, they played hard and loved being with their cousins.  

The kids lined up and went through camp following each other...
...and had an audience.
We went to the Minnetonka Cave.

I asked Max his favorite part of Bear Lake and he told me it was 'playing with Mac and Jac.'  He really loves these two and they are so good to him!!!...and all the kids.
We went to the Raspberry Days Parade and the highlight was when they had all the kids go out and try and catch chickens. 
Max caught one, but wasn't sure what to do with it and let it go.
Bode, who it the most competitive kid I know, caught one and won a big bag of candy.  However, they had the big boys come out and try and get a ribbon off some calves and they won money.  When he found that out he decided his bag of candy wasn't as great as he thought, he then tried to sell it to everyone...hilarious!

It was a fun trip as usual!

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