Friday, October 10, 2014

Christmas Pictures 2012

We had Terri take some pictures after Polly's baby blessing for our Christmas card. Love these boys of mine!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cute stuff!

I have to write some of the cute stuff that's been said at our house lately.

Bode: "Mom, I have got to make up for something if I am going to make it to heaven.
Me: "Oh, ya?"
Bode, " Once when I was five I did something mean to Max and made him cry and then when you came in the room I started to cry and told you that Max bit me, but he didn't, I lied." (with the most serious expression)
Me thinking, "Poor Max."

Bode, "Mom, I know there is no such things as powers or magic, except Jesus, but Josh believes in it so I just pretend to for him." cute!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids! My boys loved it this year which always makes it fun for me too:) Beez had to work so we stopped off at the fire station and then went on to the Roberts festivities. Bode was some alien monkey from the Ben10 show I have never seen, even though I tried to talk to him into something else, Max was a yellow ninja, and the twins wore hand-me-down costumes of tigger and a dragon. They got lots of candy which Bode has shared so well and Max won't let anyone touch his. Max likes to keep his things nice and cherish them.
Carving pumpkins with Cache.
I just love how Bode has his top button undone...

We met some of the girls at Gardner's Village...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Palm Springs

Spent a week in Palm Springs and had a ball! The kids loved swimming all day long with lots of friends and the activity center too. All in attendance was the Petersons, the Jacksons, the Barrus', the Clevelands, and us. Even ran into Amy Palmer which was a great big bonus:) Mandy worked hard and got all our rooms across the street from the pool, on the bottom floor, and right next to each other. It was a great break and hard to come back. The boys golfed and the girls shopped and there was lots of eating going on too! I think we will be back!

This is the after party in St. George, we weren't quite ready to end our trip.  I think everyone was tired.  I sure love my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fall soccer was a little better for me as far as my little crowd control goes. The twins were a little more obedient...Just a couple cute action shots of Bode. He loves soccer and I love it too because it gets his energy out. I told him if he scored a goal this season I would give him $5. He thought that was great and tried so hard, although he got close he never got one. He tried to persuade me that he got close and that should count but I decided to just extend the offer into spring soccer in a few months, so hopefully he gets one then:)

Max was my greatest help with crowd control. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First days of school

First days of school. As you can tell Bode was very excited about all the pictures. I walked him to his class and once again became choked up and had a hard time actually leaving. Bode is growing up so fast and I am not sure I am ready for it. But...I will say all day school is THE BEST!!! Max was excited on his first day but then needed persuading after that.  He is all talk and just loves me too much to actually like school.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

The anticipated yearly trip to Bear Lake has come and gone. My boys had a ball, as usual, they played hard and loved being with their cousins.  

The kids lined up and went through camp following each other...
...and had an audience.
We went to the Minnetonka Cave.

I asked Max his favorite part of Bear Lake and he told me it was 'playing with Mac and Jac.'  He really loves these two and they are so good to him!!!...and all the kids.
We went to the Raspberry Days Parade and the highlight was when they had all the kids go out and try and catch chickens. 
Max caught one, but wasn't sure what to do with it and let it go.
Bode, who it the most competitive kid I know, caught one and won a big bag of candy.  However, they had the big boys come out and try and get a ribbon off some calves and they won money.  When he found that out he decided his bag of candy wasn't as great as he thought, he then tried to sell it to everyone...hilarious!

It was a fun trip as usual!